Token System


BitCrystals (BCY) are Counterparty assets acting as both the game-fuel and the premium in-game currency. They were issued in a limited supply of 100 000 000 BCY. BitCrystals can be used to purchase game items in SoG or can be traded with other players.

Token System

You will be able to trade cards and game items easily within and outside the SoG game app. This is made possible through Counterparty, a platform which can be used for creating custom tokens which act as their own cryptocurrency, while still running on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Game assets in SoG will all be assigned a unique Counterparty token. The picture below shows an example of how the Counterparty tokens for cards may look like in the typical Counterparty wallet. Assigning Counterparty tokens to game assets allows them to be traded freely outside the game. Players will own their game items and cards not only in the game world but also on the blockchain.

The use of Counterparty's functions such as the lock feature opens up the possibility for players to lock a certain amount of rare cards in a public and transparent manner.

Here's an example of what blockchain cards look like in the BitCrystals Box extention for Chrome. (Click to enlarge)

How It Works

You have bought BitCrystals (BCY) during the Token Sale or from another player after the end of the Token Sale. Now you can trade your BCY on blockchain and exchange them for other cryptocurrencies, or you can use them to purchase some of the SoG blockchain-based trading cards. Our cards are sold via “swapbots” - automated trading cards vending machines - which send you the chosen card when you have sent the right amount of BCY. Then you can play your cards in Spells of Genesis or Moonga, or trade them on the blockchain.

Once a month, we will burn 50% of cards sale incomes in BCY, thus the total supply of BCY will decrease continually.

Token Sale

From the initial supply of 100 000 000 BCY, 30 000 000 were kept by EverdreamSoft (Spells of Genesis developers) for promotion and development purposes. 70 000 000 BCY were allocated to the BitCrystals Token Sale.

The Token Sale was a crowdfunding campaign to support the development of the game. It started on August 4th 2015 and lasted 30 days. Backers (contributors) of the project baught BitCrystals with Bitcoins and received special cards (some of them issued exclusively for the Token Sale), SoG membership and some other advantages as rewards for their contribution.
The unsold BitCrystals were burnt afterwards.

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